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Grading and drainage as functional art?

At JNB it is. Proper grading and drainage work hand in hand to direct storm runoff away from your home, out-buildings and property. There's no reason why it shouldn't look great too!



Excavating  .  Sub-Base Preparation  .  Rough and Final Grading   .   Landscape Grading

Finish Grading   .  Slope Grading   .   Seedbed and Sod Preparation  .  Topsoil Spreading

Material Spreading   .   Site Preparation
  .  Land Sculpting and Contouring  .  Laser Leveling  .  Building Pads



Drainage Grading   .   Mowable Drainage Swales   .   Bar-Ditch Improvements
Drainage Pipes  .  Rip Rap Erosion Control  .  Culvert (Tinhorn) Installation

  Denton County & Wise County Permanent Culverts  .  TxDOT Culverts


Swimming Pool Demolition and Fill-ins   .   Pond Improvements   .   Property Cleanup   .   Storm Cleanup

Pre-Construction and Post-Construction Clean-up   .   Hiking, Biking and Nature Trails

Right of Way (ROW) and Fenceline Maintenance  .   Horse Arenas   .   Round Pens

Beach Volleyball Courts


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Wise County
Denton County
Cooke County
Montague County
Jack County
Western Grayson County
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Northwestern Collin County
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